FutureDJs: How to DJ

We are excited to announce the publication of our book FutureDJs: How to DJ.

This book is a big step towards our goal of drastically increasing the awareness, accessibility and credibility of DJ-ing in education in not just the UK, but across the world. We want to change the landscape of music education by filling music departments with young people passionate about the music that excites them.

Through DJ-ing, they can learn an instrument that teaches them critical listening skills, how to improvise, how to compose, how to perform, and builds confidence like no other activity in school. Featuring clear step-by step instructions, stunning diagrams, at-a-glance guides to genres and packed with comments from professional DJs, this book will inspire and guide you through the creative and thrilling techniques required to become a FutureDJ. Every skill can be practised over and over in a range of genres from House, Techno and Trance to Grime, Trap, Hip-hop and Drum and Bass.

We believe this is the push needed to get young people back into music. And this is just the start – we are transforming engagement with music departments in schools around the country by drawing the line between the music young people know and love and the music they are taught about in school.

The popularity and relevance of DJ-ing in the modern age is undeniable, however not many are aware of the strong educational benefits associated with the craft. This book outlines the technical skills, the listening skills, the knowledge and the dedication required to become a DJ who understands, respects and ultimately succeeds in all areas of the art form. From beat-matching, blending and cutting, to scratching, beat-juggling and hot-cue drumming.

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In an ever increasingly digital industry, there’s still room for an analogue book. It’s about learning from something tactile and real, we find it easier to focus on and it can hold our attention much longer.

Tom Dent

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