Start on your Future with our NEW Debut DJ course!

Limited to only 15 places per school our debut course runs over one school term.

Lessons are priced at £15 per lesson for one-on-one tutoring.

For students wanting to learn in pairs, lessons are priced at £10 per student.

10% Discount for termly payment.
FREE entrance to our EME Debut Exam.

(Pre-payment not required)

Further Information

We have designed a course which not only reflects modern and contemporary music tastes but is also fun and engaging and is open to all students who may not have previously been interested in traditional music.

Primarily we will give students the tools to learn to DJ and produce Electronic Music (including Pop music), however by embarking on our course students will also benefit from:

  • Comprehensive and Active listening skills
  • Ability to focus for extended time periods
  • Ability to see a project through to the end
  • Confidence building
  • Hand-eye co-ordination
  • Use of advanced technical equipment and software
  • Use skills to write pop music or music for film and game
  • Learn skills which can lead to jobs within the music industry

How we ensure quality

We have developed a comprehensive Program of Study drawing influence from professionals working in the industry, music teachers and examination boards.

At FutureDJs we examine, interview and train every tutor to ensure the highest quality in teaching and course delivery. We also DBS screen every tutor to most importantly ensure the safety and well-being of every single student.

We only use industry standard equipment to ensure students learn on the equipment that they will go on to use should they take their skills out of the classroom and onto the stage.

How we work with you and your child?

Throughout the course students will be graded and certified using our Electronic Music Exams (EME) qualifications and parents and teachers will be able to monitor progress.

Every week students will alternate between DJing and Music Production however we also offer the option to focus on one or the other exclusively.

All students will have access to our our 'student resource area' to learn more about electronic music outside of their tutor sessions and our exclusive 'program of study book’.

At FutureDJs we recognise that some students will be able to naturally progress into the industry and excel. Therefore all students of FutureDJs will automatically be enrolled into our 'InsideTrack Program'; an expanive network and information centre into the electronic music industry. We will work with students (and parents) who show promise, talent and dedication and guide them into the industry ensuring the best possible chances of success!

**It is our aim to give opportunities to all students wishing to explore electronic music however in order to ensure the upmost quality, our program is limited to 15 students per school.**