FutureDJs and LCME launch graded handbooks for DJ-ing


FutureDJs are excited to announce that handbooks for Grade 1, 3 and 5 in DJ-ing are now available. These are the perfect accompaniment for students looking to take DJ examinations. The publication with LCME marks another milestone in DJ-ing being fully recognised as a musical instrument both academically and culturally.

FutureDJs head tutor DJ Mark One, who played a key role in creating these handbooks said that they are a comprehensive guide to the criteria to become a successful candidate in Grade 1, 3 and 5 DJ examinations.

“These examinations are not only groundbreaking but also add validity to the art of DJ-ing. DJs are now more than ever being viewed as musicians, something which is reflected in the criteria. The skills needed to become a successful candidate are musicality, fluency, reading notation, creativity, auditory and visual skills – the same as any other graded instrument. These examinations are also accessible to all candidates. Anybody, no matter how inexperienced, can enter the examinations at Grade 1 and with practice can progress to Grade 5.”

– DJ Mark One, FutureDJs head tutor

These handbooks are already playing a big part in increasing the accessibility of DJ exams for students. It’s proven particularly difficult for students to continue their music studies at schools due to lockdown and the need for remote learning. To combat this disadvantage many students are facing, FutureDJs and Pioneer DJ worked together in late 2020 to provide the DDJ-200 course bundle. Now, with the Grade 1 handbook included alongside a brand new video course presented by DJ Mark One, students have all they need to learn to DJ from home. The video course follows the criteria in the handbook, which means students are perfectly prepared to take an online exam with LCME when they complete it.

This is yet another game-changer for modern music education from FutureDJs and LCME, and we’re pleased to offer this incredible bundle for pre-order via our online shop now.