FutureDJs launch free weekly webinar to help teachers in lockdown


After creating a powerful resource pack for music teachers using Soundtrap, we are now hosting a free weekly webinar to demonstrate how music teachers can deliver great lessons – whether in the classroom or remotely.


Why are we using Soundtrap?

Anyone who is familiar our work here at FutureDJs will appreciate our ever-growing partnership with Soundtrap, the online digital audio workstation (DAW). Their goals align with ours in many respects – particularly in the mission of opening up access to music creation and learning. It’s why we work with them and love using their software. They’re helping us on our mission to remix music education.

There are several features of Soundtrap which make it a perfect fit for us and so many others – whether they’re students, teachers or creators. The most obvious of these is that it works in-browser, meaning you don’t need to download Soundtrap or any of your projects. One benefit of this is that you can access Soundtrap from multiple devices. And this is so useful for students – they can access their projects in school or at home using a laptop, tablet or smartphone. The recent restrictions on in-person teaching have shown just how important this feature is, setting a new standard because of the need for teachers and students to collaborate remotely.

To maximise the advantage of being cloud-based, Soundtrap is designed to be cooperative. This is really one of its best features, as creativity thrives in collaboration. Multiple users can video chat and message on the platform while working on the same project. This streamlines what can otherwise be a big drawback in other DAWs – many will be familiar with tedious process of emailing or sharing stems to other project contributors. And the fact that Soundtrap is designed to allow easy remote collaboration means it is also a great choice for teachers and schools.


As well as using Soundtrap in our own music programmes, we’ve now made Soundtrap even more valuable as a learning tool for the schools we work with through our new Soundtrap x FutureDJs Packs. These are a full resource for teachers containing lesson plans, project files online CPD sessions and much more. They’re already proving to be invaluable resources for teachers, who now have the confidence and the tools to deliver engaging lessons for their students, both in the classroom and remotely. If you want to see how we can take your teaching to the next level, we offer a variety of free resources, from regular webinars which teach you how to use Soundtrap in your lessons, to free trials of Soundtrap and our packs. Get in touch to find out more, or sign up to this Thursday’s webinar, where CEO Austen Smart and COS/Soundtrap expert Hugh Shepherd will be demonstrating how you can use Soundtrap to deliver great music lessons.

We’re remixing music education, and we’re doing it with Soundtrap.